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Trololo Live 1984
Original name: Trololo Вокализ Live in 1984 Edward Hill, Eduard Khil, Эдуард Анатольевич Хиль Vocalise (I am very glad, because I'm finally returning back home) Record...

Trololo Song - (OfficialNT4L Remix)
Original name: First part was recycled from an old Incredibles spoof, The Uncredibles.

Alexander Rybak - Eduard Khil (Trololo) from "Один в один"
Original name: "Один в один" / "One to one" - is the Russian version of the International show-success "Your face sounds familiar". Alexander is one of the participants in the ...

Glad I'm Coming Home (Trololo song with English lyrics)
Original name: Trololo song with English lyrics (также русские субтитры): "Glad I'm Coming Home" ("Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой")...

Mr. Trololo (Eduard Khil) "Song of war correspondents"
Original name: A fast song of te famous trololo man. Original name of the song in russian is "Песня военных корреспондентов"

Trololo Meets Metal
Original name: Streaming Concert August 23, 2015: Hey guys, So this was a big request for a long time and I threw it in the middle of Rock ...

Eduard Khil sings Trololo through the years
Original name: Here's the Trololo song (it's proper title is 'I am very glad, because I'm finally returning back home') being sung from 1968 through to 2010 by the late Eduard Khil ...

Eduard Khil Trololo song (bob Rovsky remix )
Original name: the Trol remix.

Eduard Khil - La-La-La - New Hit Song "trololo"
Original name: Eduard Khil - La-La-La - New Hit Song "trololo"

Mr. Trololo (Eduard Khil) Such a miracle
Original name: Another incredible and happy song from the famous trololo man, this one is almost the same fashion, but this time we can listen to him singing in russian, his ...

Eduard Khil - Trololo (Doctor Werewolf Remix)
Original name: Used this as april's fool joke for my subscribers- changed title to real track name now. If you happen to like it nevertheless, buy it here: ...

Stairway To Trololo Song (Tribute to Trololo Guy) (Eduard Khil) (R.I.P)
Original name: He hecho esta canción dedicada a Eduard Khil, un cantante ruso, conocido por cantar el trololo, que murió el lunes 04/06/12 a causa de un derrame cerebral.

Mr. Trololo Eduard Khil - Sormovskaya liricheskaya (Lyric Song From Sormovo)
Original name:

Karaoke: Trololo [On Vocal]
Original name: R.I.P. Edward Khil (Trololo Man) 2012. Original Name: Эдуард Анатольевич Хиль - Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой Translati...

Eduard Khil - Trololo Song (OfficialNT4L) Download Remix StraightUpKnives
Original name: Download Link: Trololo Song By OfficialNT4L Channel: I do not own this song.

Troll Face Song Trololo
Original name: The Troll Face Song by Eduard Khill! R.I.P. Lyrics Trololol Original :D HD Lyrics: Ahhhhhhhhh Ya ya yaaaah Ya ya yaaah Yaaah ya yah Ohohohohoooo Oh ya ...

Original & Lyrics [HD] [Eduard Khil]
Original name: Trololo man Eduard Khil - Song About Friend (with subtitles)

Trololo man Eduard Khil - Song About Friend (w/ subtitles)
Original name: Been a while, huh? I decided to just put this out there as not to show you guys I'm still alive, but to celebrate 50K views on Bob Rovsky's Remix of this song (link ...

Eduard Khil - Troll Song (OfficialNT4L Remix) [Audiosurf]
Original name: Unbelievable Trololo-man Edward Khil sings his famous song now faster than ever. I hope that nobody gets hurt from this video. Sorry for my bad English.

Edward Khil - Trololo song 100 % faster
Original name: watch this very funny video of this russion singer called Eduard Khil.

Eduard Khil Trololo
Original name: trololo Eduard Khil I am very glad because i'm finally returning home hommage a lui qui est mort le 4 juin 2012 :( original ...

Troll face song : Trololo musique
Original name:

Original Trololo song!
Original name: Trololo Song by Eduard Khil.

Trololo Song
Original name: Video arts class. Nuff said.

Eduard Khil - The Trololo Song
Original name: The trololo version of 1968: In the 1970s, the Russian singer Eduard Khil is sweetened by the censorship of the words "supposedly too American" one of his ...

Eduard Khil - Trololo (1968)
Original name: Here is my cover of the Trololo song, also known as "I am very glad, because I am finally returning back home", sung by Eduard Khil. If you liked it, feel free to ...

Eduard Khil ~ Trololo ~ Corneline's cover
Original name: Here's the .mp3 : "I Am Very Happy, Because I Am Finally Returning Back Home" Two of the best Russian pop ...

Trololo Duet : Eduard Khil and Muslim Magomayev
Original name:

Mr. Trololo (Edward Hill) — Trololo Song (karaoke version, with lyrics)
Original name:

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