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Naruto - Kimimaro's demise (chouji's theme) piano
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Chouji's Farewell - REAL SONG - Naruto Soundtrack X - never released track!
Original name: This is a never released track from Naruto played by me. It can be heard when Chouji sees the tree with his friends words after he beats Jirobo, that's why I ...

Naruto Special OST (Unreleased)- Choji's Theme
Original name: Well.... Yeah, Idk why I did but I just chose to lol ;o. I decided to upload a song from the first Naruto Series :p. People call it "Choji's Theme" but really this theme ...

Chouji's Theme (AKA Kimimaro's theme) - REAL SONG - Naruto Soundtrack X
Original name: This song is also known as "Kimimaro's Theme". It was never released in any Soundtrack. This song is performed by me. You won't find anything better ...

Naruto OST 5 - Choji's Farewell (Naruto Unreleased OST)
Original name: This is a theme from Naruto that was played during the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, but was never officially released on any of the OSTs. It is played when Choji thinks ...

Naruto Unreleased Soundtrack:Kimimaro's Theme/Chouji's Theme
Original name: Naruto Unreleased Soundtrack:Kimimaro's Theme/Chouji's Theme Naruto Shippuuden Unreleased Soundtrack: ...

Naruto: Chouji's Theme
Original name: Follow me on Twitter @DeadCaptain_ I was in the Steinway Grand Piano store and figured I'd record something for you guys.. was using my phone and I don't ...

Naruto - Kimimaro Demise (Chouji theme)
Original name: Pianist: Jay Morgado I love this song, fell in love with it when i heard it on kimimaro's death Kimimaro is one of my favourites in naruto. He just looks too cool ...

[6] Chouji Theme
Original name: Chouji Theme.

Naruto - Kimimaro's Demise on Piano
Original name: Become my Patron: Buy it! (also on iTunes / Google Play / Amazon) Business inquiries: ...

Original name: Kimimaro's theme (4 hands piano improvisation) Naruto Sountrack Naruto soundtrack - piano cover (chouji's theme) Naruto OST 5 - (Naruto Unreleased OST) I ...

Kimimaro's theme (4 hands piano improvisation) Naruto Sountrack
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[NARUTO] Kimimaro Theme
Original name: Song i sampled: Kimimaro's Theme Naruto Find Me: SoundCloud - Twitter - Instagram -

Original name: Programm: Windows Movie Maker Bild: selbst zusammengestellt(mit GIMP 2)

Kimimaro's Theme Remix
Original name: Performance: Sheet Music: ...

Choji Akimichi Theme Song
Original name: Kimimaro's theme (Some people say it is Choji's)

Naruto OST : Toshiro Masuda - Gaara's Childhood Theme (Piano Tutorial)
Original name: my first video so comment songs: Naruto-me against the world(Simple Plan) Sasuke-Blood Brothers(Papa Roach) Sakura-My Immortal(Evanescence) ...

Naruto Shippuden OST - Kimimaro Theme
Original name: My first theme song of many to come! Charactors and Songs: Opening / Fullmetal Alchemist - Hagane no Kokoro Naruto Uzumaki / Sugarcult - Bouncing Off the ...

Naruto Ipod Theme Songs
Original name: Update 7/17/10~: Um..holy crap. 45000 views? What the crap! I wonder why people like this so much? Oh well, thank you all anyways. ^-^ ~Update 6/19/09~: ...

Naruto Charactor Theme Songs Part 1
Original name: dont get mad if ur hav character' song dosnt fit them sorry about chouji's i couldnt think of one that fit him that i already had so deal with it naruto-how to save a ...

Naruto Character Theme Songs
Original name: Did this in couple of hours, when bored =] quite proud. Thanks to Jess for help with some of the songs XD enjoy and comment! FULL SONG LIST Naruto - Faint ...

naruto ipod themes
Original name: i hav seen alot of people with naruto ipod videos so i decided to make 1 watch comment and enjoy ^^ songs used: naruto. i miss u kiba. who let the dogs out ...

Naruto Character Theme Songs
Original name: Naruto: "Go The Distance" - Hercules Sakura: "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" - Cinderella Sasuke: "Deception" - Lion King II Kakashi: "I'll Make A Man ...

Naruto Ipod Theme Songs
Original name: Hi again. This is the second one. I got bored again. The song I used for Chouji is just the first line for him mainly but I extended it cause I thought it was too short.

Naruto Disney Theme Songs Part 1
Original name: Chouji= I'm Fat by Weird Al Yanchovic Ino= Bitch Song By Bowling for Soup Neji= I See Right Through to You by DJ Encore Sasori= I Got No Strings From ...

Naruto Character Theme Songs 2
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Naruto Character Themes PART 2
Original name: Just like my Yu-Gi-Oh video except for Naruto. DISCLAIMER: I own absolutly nothing! The songs, pictures, and franchise all belong to their original owners.

Kimimaro's theme
Original name: Enjoy! Naruto Shippuden OST Guren Theme - Yasuhara Takanashi Like the video and Subscribe for future content.

Naruto Character themes Part 1
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Naruto Shippuden OST - Guren Theme
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Koua Xiong Cover
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